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At Montreal Dental Imaging we want you to have the best possible experience. We believe that patients should be well informed about the procedures they will be undergoing. Please take the time to read the information we have provided below that may answer some of your questions. If you need additional information or have other concerns, please let us know and we will be happy to address them with you.

What is cone beam CT (CBCT) and how can I benefit from it?

You have been referred to us by your dentist for a CBCT exam. Advances in dental and medical technology over the past 30 years have led to the development of CBCT. It is now regarded as one of the most advanced methods of capturing 3D images of patients and uses a very low dose of radiation.

The CBCT technology captures hundreds of x-ray images in under a minute. In addition, the scanner rotates around you, allowing for a complete 360° imaging of the target scanned. By contrast, the traditional x-ray captures only a 2 dimensional snapshot.

The advantage of the i-CAT CBCT over x-ray is that it allows your dental professional to analyze the scan virtually layer by layer, and gives him the tools necessary to make a more accurate analysis and diagnosis when assessing your condition and developing your treatment plan.

How much radiation exposure will I receive during the CBCT scan?

The amount of radiation emitted from the i-CAT scanner is actually 10 times less than that from a standard CT scanner found in hospitals. In addition, you are typically exposed to the radiation for less than a minute, which further minimizes your radiation exposure. Radiation exposure is very low, considering the hundreds of images that are captured within than 10-40 second window of scanning.

How do I set up an appointment?

Once your dentist has sent us the completed prescription for your CBCT by email or by fax a member of the Montreal Dental Imaging team will contact you to set up your appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

What does the examination involve?

A CBCT is a very simple imaging examination that requires no particular preparation on your part. The scan is absolutely painless and takes only a few minutes. It is possible that your dentist will ask you to wear a plastic stent or radiographic guide during the scan. Please remember to bring it with you to your appointment.

It is strongly recommended that you not wear jewellery or any items of clothing containing metallic components. This may cause the machine to provide inaccurate results. Glasses, hair cosmetics such as pins and clips, and hats must be removed prior to the examination. If you are currently using dentures you should bring these as the technician may have you wear them during the scanning procedure.

The machine we use is called an i-CAT. During the scan you are comfortably seated on a cushioned seat. To avoid any movement during the scan, your head will be held in place by a plastic chin cup and a velcro band in the front. This will also avoid the need for the scan to be repeated and additional exposure to radiation.

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